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Stocks that have given Breakouts recently

These companies have already given 'BUY' signals on Pro-Breakout strategy in the last 20 days, but are near to the breakout price or are retesting breakouts.

Only those companies are being displayed whose current trading prices are within 10% of the breakout level - either above or below the BUY price. You can sort the table by the column 'Gap from Breakout Price' to see which stock is closest to the breakout. Please refer to the Notes at the bottom of the table for more information.


  • The above list is not exhaustive. There may be other companies also, approaching breakouts.

  • A retest refers to prices returning back to the breakout level. It is common for stocks to retest breakout levels.

  • From a technical perspective, if prices do retest the breakout level, and the level holds, it’s a strong sign of a valid breakout.

  • Attempt is made to choose only those companies which have proven fundamentals over the past few years.

  • Consider these to be a part of your Investment Portfolio. On the other hand, stocks in the Pro-Pullbacks watchlist may be considered for short-term Trading positions.

How to trade the above

  • Log onto TradingView and open charts of these companies on TradewithPuneet: Pro-Breakouts strategy.                

  • You will see a horizontal green color line. This is auto-generated breakout line drawn on past resistance level.

  • The strategy generated a BUY signal on the stock crossing this green line. You may consider buying these stocks on retest of this green line. No new signal will be generated on the retest.

  • You can enter your desired 'Profit Booking' and 'Stop Loss' levels in the settings. 

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