The Pro-Setups script is meant for Swing Trading. The script provides us a high-probability profitable setup, plus the knowledge of the underlying trend, which we further combine with price action to take a trade. It also automatically identifies and draws Resistance & Support levels and double Weekly Inside Bars on the charts, along with certain important Candlesticks patterns.

Subscribers are joined to a Telegram channel, where stocks are continuously discussed. Subscribers are also given access to a Dashboard which sends the Watchlist of all stocks forming the setups traded through this script.

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How does it work?

The indicator plots the following on a chart:

  • Trend bars on top.

  • Blue and Red clouds, based on multiple moving averages, inspired by Guppy Multiple Moving Averages (GMMA).

  • Dots at the bottom to identify high-probability profitable setups.

  • Resistance & Support Lines.

  • Candlesticks patterns to further give power to your trading.

  • Info Panel that lists important data points of the current candle.


Rs. 2,700 / Quarter

(20% Discount on Half-Yearly

33% Discount on Yearly subscription)

All features, including

access to the Telegram channel


Access to the Watchlist containing the list of stocks forming the setups traded with the script



Rs. 0 

Till March 2021

All features, including

access to the Telegram channel

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Important Note

The above indicators can only be seen if you have an account on TradingView. Having an account on TradingView is FREE. 


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Note: I also have a script on TradingView by the name Pro-Patterns, which is designed to trade Ascending Triangle Patterns and double Weekly Inside Bars. That script has now been discontinued since its features have been added to the Pro-Setups script.

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Volatility Burst + Pullback entry during strong uptrend

Volatility Burst + Pullback entry during strong Uptrend