The Pro-Setups script is meant for Swing Trading (using pullback trades & low-volatility bursts). It provides us a high-probability profitable setup, plus the knowledge of the underlying trend, which we further combine with price action to trade. It also draws Ascending Triangle Patterns and double Weekly Inside Bars on the charts, along with certain important Candlesticks patterns & an Info Panel which tells us what is happening on the current candle.

Subscribers are joined to a Telegram channel and also given access to a Dashboard which sends the Watchlist of all stocks forming the setups traded through this script.

Who can use this script?

  • Swing traders for trading pullbacks and low-volatility bursts. 

  • Long-term investors or trend-followers who like to add on to their holdings on pullbacks. Those who missed buying earlier at the start of a trend can use this script to buy on pullbacks.

The following screenshots show the types of trades that are possible with this script

How does it work?

The indicator plots the following on a chart:

  • Trend bars on top representing the trend of higher timeframe and the current timeframe.

  • Blue and Red clouds, based on multiple moving averages.

  • Dots at the bottom of the chart to identify high-probability profitable setups.

  • Chart patterns such as Ascending Triangle Patterns and double Weekly Inside Bars.

  • Candlesticks patterns to further give power to your trading.

  • An Info Panel that notes certain important data points of the current candle.

Note: I also have a script on TradingView by the name Pro-Patterns, which is designed to trade Ascending Triangle Patterns and double Weekly Inside Bars. That script has now been discontinued since its features have been added to the Pro-Setups script.

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