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The Pro-Setups script is meant for Swing Trading. The script provides us a high-probability profitable setup, plus the knowledge of the underlying trend, which we further combine with price action to take a trade. It also automatically identifies and draws Resistance & Support levels and double Weekly Inside Bars on the charts, Relative Strength line, along with certain important Candlesticks patterns.

Subscribers are also given access to a Dashboard that contains:

  • Screener to scan for stocks for an appropriate setup, including 3WTC, probable VCP, Powerplays, etc.

  • List of all stocks, with their attributes.

  • Market Breadth 

  • Sector & Industry performance on multiple timeframes.

  • Fundamental scorecard

  • Insider Trading Information

Have a look at some of the screenshots of the Dashboard.

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The following screenshots show the possibilities with the script

How does it work?

The indicator plots the following on a chart:

  • Trend bars on top.

  • Blue and Red clouds, based on multiple moving averages, inspired by Guppy Multiple Moving Averages (GMMA).

  • Dots at the bottom to identify high-probability profitable setups.

  • Relative Strength (RS) Line

  • Commentary Box.

  • Candlesticks patterns to further give power to your trading.

Important Note

The above indicator can only be seen if you have an account on TradingView. Having an account on TradingView is FREE. 


Click here to go to TradingView website (

Note: I also have a script on TradingView by the name Pro-Patterns, which is designed to trade Ascending Triangle Patterns and double Weekly Inside Bars. That script has now been discontinued since its features have been added to the Pro-Setups script.

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