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No matter how many entry techniques you learn,
there are only 2 ways to enter a trade:
On a Breakout; or On a Pullback

TradewithPuneet offers you

a Breakout strategy and a Pullback strategy, 

to make PROFITS consistently

The Strategies


The Pro-Breakout strategy enters into a trading position at the beginning of an Uptrend, and ride it until the start of a Downtrend. One can use this strategy to get huge gains or multi-baggers.


The Pro-Pullback strategy enters into LONG or SHORT positions when - during an already established Uptrend or Downtrend - a stock pulls back but then resumes its original trend. 

Have a look at some screenshots below

Basic Principles of the strategies

Stock market moves in a cycle. According to Richard Wyckoff - a 20th century legend - an instrument goes through four different phases in a cycle – (1) Accumulation phase, (2) Markup phase (or Uptrend), (3) Distribution phase and (4) Markdown phase (or Downtrend). Half of the battle is won if one is able to identify the underlying phase. 

Wyckoff Market Cycle

A stock moves sideways in the Accumulation phase, before giving a breakout and entering into an Uptrend, known as the Markup phase. Once in the Markup phase, the prices move steadily higher. Similarly, before falling, a stock moves sideways in the Distribution phase before breaking down and entering into a Downtrend, known as the Markdown phase. The Markup (i.e. Uptrend) and Markdown (i.e. Downtrend) phases offer the most profitable and safest times to trade. Trading during the periods of Accumulation and Distribution often result in disappointments. 


​Simply put, if you have bought anything, the stock must be in an Uptrend, so that you can sell at a higher price. And, if you have taken a short position, the stock must be in a Downtrend to go down further. The Pro-Breakouts strategy intends to ride the Markup phase and exit at the start of Markdown phase. The Pro-Pullbacks strategy enters into LONG trades during the Markup phase and SHORT trades during the Markdown phase.

About Me

Hi! I am Puneet Arora, a Chartered Accountant by qualification. When I was in a job, I used to work 12-hours a day, with an investment bank, where we raised funds for clients. I left that job in 2015 to work 24-hours a day for my ed-tech startup.

Thanks to the bull market and also some harsh lessons from drawdowns, I started working on system-based trading strategies which could stay with me forever. And here through this platform, I offer the same strategies for your use and benefit.

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