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Just react to the Buy & Sell symbols.

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About the System

Traders around the world use traditional patterns such as Head & Shoulders, Pennants, Wedges, Cup & Handle, Flags, VCP etc. The system used by me does not look for any of those patterns. Instead, it identifies the points where buyers and sellers meet to decide on which side to go. These meeting points are automatically recognized using mathematical formulas. 

Once those points are identified, the system waits for fulfillment of next set of price action conditions to give the necessary BUY or SELL signals.

Basic Principle of the System

There are two ways of making money in the stock market. Both approaches are rewarding and both come at a price.

#1.  Get huge multibaggers in your portfolio - stocks that can multiply your capital by 2x-5x-10x.

#2.  Grab hundreds of 5% to 20% short-term gains in an year by actively moving in and out of stocks.

In the first approach, where you hunt for multibaggers, you must be willing to sit through multiple consolidations in which stocks do not go anywhere for a long period of time. You must also be willing to accept several pullbacks which may be over 25-50%. Everybody cannot bear the pain of such large pullbacks.

My system is based on the second approach, where you quickly exit a stock after it moves anywhere between 5%-20%. Here, you will never catch a multibagger. And you don't have to. Because in any year, there are plenty of 5%-20% moves - both on the long-side as well as the short-side. Use the calculator to see how much you can earn in an year if you trade using a system.

Stocks follow the 80/20 rule, where 80% of their movement comes in just 20% of the time. Rest of the time is just sideways consolidation. The aim of this strategy is to avoid such period of consolidation and participate only in the movement.

How it works
Step 1 - Points identification and price
Step 1 - Which stock to trade?

Buyers and sellers of a stock often meet at crucial junctures to decide where to go next - up or down. The system automatically identifies these meeting points and shows them as blue dots at the bottom of the chart. A daily newsletter is sent to all subscribers to inform them of the stocks where blue dots are appearing. A user may also enter a scrip of his choice to check for blue dots. Appearance of blue dots means a trade is likely to happen.

The system then guides you the price level at which to enter the trade. We then wait for the blue dots to go and get the 'Buy' or 'Short' signal. 

Step 2 - Generation of Buy or Short signals

After the appearance of blue dots, the system will generate the relevant 'Buy' or 'Short' trade signals.


However, it might still happen that no trade signal is generated if certain conditions (which you don't have to worry about!) are not fulfilled. A trade signal will be generated only if the probability of reward is much more than the risk of losing the trade.

Step 3 - Exiting the trade.png
Step 3 - Exiting the Trade

The trade lasts anywhere between 3-15 days. The user can input his choice of stop loss and profit target percentages. The system will show an Exit signal if any of the below-mentioned event happens first:

  • If Stop Loss is hit; or

  • If desired profit level is achieved; or

  • If system exit conditions are met.

Who should NOT use this system?
  • If you have your own strategy, which is consistently giving you profits, do not subscribe for this one. 

  • If you are looking for multibaggers i.e. a stock which can go 3x-5x-10x, then you will not find them in this strategy. 

  • Those who are good in - (a) identifying 'moats', (b) predicting the future revenue & profitability of an industry / company with utmost confidence, (c) analyzing the management credibility & capability, and (d) valuing a company correctly. In other words, Value Investors should not use this strategy.

Who should definitely use this system?
  • If you do not have a money-making trading strategy, look no further. This strategy is the answer to your woes.

  • Those who are ready to actively move-in and move-out of stocks. Remember - this is a 'Get profit & grab it in your pocket' strategy where you hunt for hundreds of trades in an year.

  • Those who have finally learnt that predicting the future, analyzing an industry or a company, finding moats, valuing a stock accurately is not their cup of tea should use this strategy.

Who should and who should not use this system?
About Me

Hi! I am Puneet Arora, a Chartered Accountant by qualification. When I was in a job, I used to work 12-hours a day, with an investment bank, where we raised funds for clients. I left that job in 2015 to work 24-hours a day for my ed-tech startup.

Thanks to the bull market and also some harsh lessons from drawdowns, I started working on a system-based trading strategy which could stay with me forever. Glad, I could make one for myself. And here through this platform, I offer the same strategy for your use and benefit.

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