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The Strategies


The Pro-Breakout strategy enters into a LONG position at the beginning of an Uptrend, and ride it until the start of a Downtrend. Use this strategy on fundamentally sound companies to get huge gains or multi-baggers.


The Pro-Patterns strategy identifies certain chart patterns and enters into LONG or SHORT positions accordingly. At present -  the strategy is designed to identify Weekly Inside Bars and Ascending Triangles).

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About Me

Hi! I am Puneet Arora, a Chartered Accountant by qualification. When I was in a job, I used to work 12-hours a day, with an investment bank, where we raised funds for clients. I left that job in 2015 to work 24-hours a day for my ed-tech startup.

Thanks to the bull market and also some harsh lessons from drawdowns, I started working on system-based trading strategies which could stay with me forever. And here through this platform, I offer the same strategies for your use and benefit.

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SEBI Registered Research Analyst

Registration Number: INH100007073

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